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Intrinsic-Safe Module

概述 Overview


Sinowatt has developed intrinsic-safe module based on 18650 cell, which is the critical part of our system solution. Thermal run-away cell can be isolated effectively by self-fusing connection, oriented pressure relief vent, safety spacing against thermal transmission, so the high safety of the module is guaranteed. The module has high energy density due to light-weighting material and compact structure. The uniformity design of thermal field and current density distribution guarantees that all cells work under same condition, so that there is no deterioration of module lifecompared with single cell. Module can be operated under wide temperature window without additional temperature-adjusting devices due to excellent cell performance. Dimension of modules varies according to different application fields, and can be tailored as well.

模块特征 Features

电芯类型 Cell Model  SW18650-25HP(NMC)
本征安全 Intrinsic Safety   失效电芯电路自熔断
Self-fusing connection isolates thermal run-away cell
Oriented pressure relief vent of failed cell
Safety spacing against thermal transmission
能量密度 Energy Density 轻量化材料和紧凑型结构
light-weighting material and compact structure
150Wh/kg &280Wh/L
使用寿命 Long Life 大于8年或12万公里@电动乘用车使用
>8 years or 120k km @ Passenger EV
>5 years or 200k km @ Logistics EV
>10 years @ PV energy system
低温性能 Low Temperature Performance -20℃≥80%@1C  Discharge
-30℃≥50%@0.5C Discharge
可靠性 Reliability 标准化自动化批量生产
Fully standard automatic mass production
Lossless ultrasonic spot-welding process

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