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PV Energy System

概述 Overview


Sinowatt provides a whole set of PV ESS solutions based on standard NCM18650 power cells & modules and smart control system, which can customize systems easily and quickly to meet clients' specific requirements. At the same time, Sinowatt systems are more reliable, more cost-effective, easier to maintain and faster to deliver.

应用领域 Applications

家庭级储能 Residential Energy Storage (48-400V/1-20KWh)
商用级储能 Commercial Energy Storage(48-700V/10-50KWh)
社区级储能 Community Energy Storage(48-1000V/125-4000KWh)

技术优势 Features

 安全性 Safety


Safety of cell: customized separator, jelly-roll insulation protection, CID and vent design
Safety of module: self-fusing connection/oriented pressure relief vent/safety spacing against thermal transmission
Safety of control: safe control for Voltage, Current, Temperature, Isolation Resistance and Electric Leakage etc.



Long cycle-life 18650 power cell optimized for energy storage applications
Standard M4850 module, standard 19-inch rack
BMS with modularized hardware and software, high accuracy and robustness

经济性 Affordability


Full automatic mass production for cells, blocks, modules, racks and BMS etc.
Modular replacement and software can be upgraded online
10 years+ calendar life and 4000cycles+ @70%DOD
Payback period less than 5 years due to smart electricity trading

便捷性 Convenience


System voltage and capacity can be expanded freely by plug & play
Remote communication, remote maintenance and SOC self-calibration

应用案例 Application Case:NL15F-PV700


Sinowatt has developed HVDC distributed PV ESS for photovoltaic power generation on Dutch farms with the support of the European Agent of Sinowatt ATEPS Nederland BV. The project is further supported by the Dutch government and local electric power company. The systems support smart electricity trading which greatly shortens clients' investment payback period and have been applied on a number of Dutch and other European farms.

系统参数 Specifications

Basic information
产品型号 System Model  NL15F-PV700
电芯类型 Cell Model  SW18650-22SP
标称电压 Nominal Voltage   700V 
标称能量 Nominal Energy 300KWh 
标称功率 Nominal Power 300KW
单元尺寸 Unit Dimension 19 inches 2U Depth: 550mm
质量能量密度 Gravimetric Energy Density 100Wh/Kg
体积能量密度 Volumetric Energy Density 160Wh/L
通讯方式 Communication Protocol RS485、Ethernet
循环寿命 Cycle Life ≥4000cycles@70%DOD
日历寿命 Calendar Life ≥10years
人机交互 Interface HMI, PC
阻燃等级 Flame Retardant Rating UL94V-0
IP防护等级 Ingress Protection IP66
绝缘电阻 Insulation Resistance >2MΩ
介电强度 Dielectric Strength DC1500V/AC1000V@1min

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