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EV Battery System

概述 Overview


To meet clients' different requirements for EV battery systems under different operating conditions, Sinowatt provides a whole set of general solutions based on Li (NMC) 18650 cells, which adopts standardized intrinsic safe modules and has distinct advantage of high energy density.

应用领域 Applications

专用车 Special EV(48V-200V/5-100KWh)
乘用车 Passenger EV(144V-400V/15-80KWh)
商用车 Commercial EV(300V-600V/30-80KWh)

技术优势 Features

 安全性 Safety


Safety of cell: customized separator, jelly-roll insulation protection, CID and vent design
Safety of module: self-fusing connection/oriented pressure relief vent/safety spacing against thermal transmission
Safety of control: safe control for Voltage, Current, Temperature, Isolation Resistance and Electric Leakage etc.

可靠性 Reliability


18650 power cell optimized for EVs
Fully automatic mass production for standardized cells and modules
BMS with modularized hardware and software, high accuracy and robustness

 高能量密度 High Energy Density


High energy density cell: 200Wh/kg and 520Wh/L
18650 modules could fully utilize battery package space
Thermal absorption and insulation technology decreases occupied space by 10%
Applications of light material such as resin reduce the weight of package

宽温度窗口 Wide Temperature Range


Low heat generation due to DCIR lower than 40mΩ
Effective heat dissipation guaranteed by safe spacing between cells and module current collector
Normally -30℃, or -40℃ specially

长寿命与高倍率 Long Life and High Rate


More than 1500 cycles for cell and no deterioration within battery pack
Warranty of 5 years/200k km or 8 years/120k km
Maximum 8C continuous discharge for cell and system

应用案例 Application Case : FZ16C-EV324


The EV battery system is customized for passenger EV. Intrinsic safe module is adopted to ensure system safety by effective thermal run-away cell insulation. The system energy density is more than 120Wh/Kg due to high energy density cell and light-weighting design. The uniformity design of thermal field and current density distribution guarantees that all the cells work under same condition, so that there is no deterioration of system life compared with single cell. The cell could discharge under low temperature and generate less heat due to low IR, so the system can operate normally in northern winter and southern summer without any additional temperature-adjusting devices.     


系统参数 Specifications

Basic information
产品型号 System Model  FZ16C-EV324
电芯类型 Cell Model  SW18650-25HP 
标称电压 Nominal Voltage   324V 
额定能量 Nominal Energy 30KWh 
最大充电电流 Maximum Charging Current  100A(1.0C)
峰值功率 Output Peak Power 60KW
额定功率 Nominal Output Power 30KW
质量能量密度 Gravimetric Energy Density 120Wh/Kg
体积能量密度 Volumetric Energy Density 160Wh/L
通讯方式 Communication Protocol CAN
循环寿命 Cycle Life ≥1500 cycles
阻燃等级 Flame Retardant Rating UL94V-0
IP防护等级 Ingress Protection IP67
绝缘电阻 Insulation Resistance >8MΩ
参考标准 Reference Standards GB/T 31485-2015, GB/T 31467.3-2015 etc.
冷却方式 Cooling Method Air cooling 
工作温度范围 Operating Temperature Range -30℃~60℃

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